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best dentists in Bhopal

We are one of the best dental clinic in Bhopal. we have specialization of dentistry which focuses on problems around the mouth, jaw and neck. The Maxillofacial Surgeon removes impacted wisdom teeth, address facial pain, and fixes overbites and jaw deformities.

After an accident, a patient is referred to a MF Surgeon if he or she has suffered severe facial injuries. Surgery can help to correct cosmetic and other damages to the face as a result of the accident. For people with birth defects and deformities, a referral for MF Surgery can be life changing. The best dental surgeon in bhopal specialize on the treatment of Cleft Lips and Palates and other disfiguring deformities.

best dental surgeon in bhopal

Dr. Hunny Jain

Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeon

best maxillofacial surgeon in Bhopal

B.D.S. & M.D.S.

With years of experience and countless successful procedures, Dr. Hunny jain is well known for providing patients with safe, comfortable and advanced oral surgery treatment.Guided by his extensive training and superb surgical skills, Dr. Hunny jain is fully qualified best dentists in bhopal that treat virtually any disease, injury or defect of the mouth, face and jaw.
After graduating from COLLEGE OF DENTAL SCIENCES, DAVANGERE KARNATAKA with his dental degree, Dr. HUNNY JAIN went on to complete MASTERS OF Oral and Maxillofacial surgery at BAPUJI DENTAL COLLEGE AND HOSPITAL DAVENGERE KARNATAKA, where he received outstanding training in all aspects of oral and maxillofacial surgery. Dr. HUNNY JAIN is best dental doctor in bhopal is established his private practice in the heart of BHOPAL (M.P) in close proximity to CHETAK BRIDGE & ISBT BUS STAND. Since then, he has provided some of the most advanced oral and maxillofacial surgery services available—from routine wisdom teeth removal to complicated dental implant surgery.
Dr. HUNNY JAIN was formerly SENIOR LECTURURE FOR DEPARTAMENT OF Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery at YOGITA DENTAL COLLEGE AND HOSPITAL MAHARASTRA. He was former consultant maxillofacial surgeon at Lifecare Trauma Centre Maharashtra.
currently he is working as associate professor in oral and maxillofacial surgery dept at Rishiraj Dental College Bhopal(M.P.).

What Dental and Maxillofacial surgeons do

  • Provide safe and effective office anaesthesia.
  • Replace lost teeth (dental implants)
  • Remove complex tumors (oncologic surgery)
  • Relieve jaw pain (TMJ surgery)
  • Extract impacted and non restorable teeth (dentoalveolar surgery)
  • Perform corrective jaw surgery (orthognathic jaw surgery)
  • Rebuild faces damaged by injury or disease (reconstructive surgery)
  • Perform cosmetic surgery of the face, jaws and neck.
best oral and maxillofacial surgeon in Bhopal